ThinkPhoto Image Media does have galleries from across the UK for "Editorial News & Editorial Sport" uploads. These images can be purchased as downloads by publications and online news related agencies.

ThinkPhoto Image Media Ltd cannot be held responsible for image content uploaded by third party contributors.

Editorial photography is the photography that appears in newspapers and magazines that is NOT advertising photography. It is financed by the newspaper/magazine, not by their advertisers.

ThinkPhoto Image Media Ltd considers “Editorial Use Only” photos to be ones that simply do not have all the applicable model and property releases and thus should not be used for “commercial” applications.

It is up to the buyer (the user, the publisher) to make the distinction based on the use of the image.


The Editorial Use Only license means that the image cannot be used for commercial advertising purposes.

An Editorial Use Only image can be used: In a newspaper or magazine article On a blog or website for non-commercial use.

An Editorial Use Only image cannot be used: In any advertising or promotional material. For any ‘advert’ purposes, i.e. in sections or supplements in which a third party pay you or you pay a third party.

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