What do I get?

A handwritten design signature logo that can be used as a log0 or watermark across social media, website & stationery.

What files will I get?

You will receive 5 PNG Transparent files of your signature logo:

*2 High resolution files in black & white that can be used for print, clothing branding, signage & stationery.

*2 Low resolution files in black & white that can be used as a watermark on uploaded images or a website logo

*1 black circle logo that can be used as a profile image across social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to keep your branding consistent.

How will I receive my files?

Upon completion of your logo we will upload the files to a secure gallery where you will be given the link to download them.

Can I make revisions & changes to my logo?

Yes, we will make as many revisions as required until you are happy.

How do I order?

Simply scroll across the 10 different styles below and choose the number of the style that you like best (they go in order from 1 to 10). Then pick your tagline logo (if you want one) scroll to the bottom of the page and fill out the order form and we will design your logo based around your choices within 48 hours.


A TagLine is the wording or phrase that will accompany your signature logo. You can have whatever you want including your website, email address, social media links, copyright logos or any other wording you choose.

The below are just some ideas that we can include if you want them.



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