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Martin began photography in the late 1970s using film cameras and converted to digital photography in 2008.

He is an outdoor photographer who prefers to work with natural light and enjoys experimenting with blur in his images. Based in Surrey, he is equally at home photographing the busy streets of London or wandering alone in the solitude of local woodlands, although if truth be told, he would like to live nearer to the mountains having grown up in North Wales.

He also spends a lot of time photographing the deer nearby in Richmond Park and thoroughly enjoys capturing images depicting them in their environment, especially during the autumn rut.

His portfolio covers a broad range of subjects as you can see from his galleries on this site, with images suitable for wall art and editorial usage.

You can contact him by email if you have any specific requirements -

He offers 1-2-1 photography tuition and leads small groups on local photo walks, full information is available on his website at:


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