GALLERY PRINT - ThinkPhoto Image Media Ltd

GalleryPrint is directly printed on acrylic glass and backed with an extra Alu-Dibond panel. It is thus the combination of high-quality materials, high-resolution print and special look. It turns your photo into a piece of art and your home into a gallery.

Turn your photo into a piece of art: the high-quality GalleryPrint

*direct print on acrylic glass, backed with an Alu-Dibond panel (3mm)

*available in glossy or matte finish

*six-colour UV direct printing, incl. light inks custom size available

*different mounting options available

Two different finishes available

The combination of acrylic glass and Alu-Dibond is the new trend for wall decors. With our GalleryPrint, you can enjoy the features of both materials.

The print hat bright and vivid colours, and is at the same time very stable and durable. Do you want to try something new and special?

Our GalleryPrint has a lot to offer with its unique gallery quality.

Why not turn your photo into a piece of art? It will definitely be the focus of all the attentions.

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