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FineArt Paper Baryta

Another FineArt paper from Hahnemühle. It is particularly suited for B/W photography due to its high colour density, sharpness and rich gradations of grey. With the high-gloss surface, it is a perfect alternative to the matte paper PhotoRag.

An overview of FineArt Baryta:

*325 g/m²

*100% α-Cellulose, bright white

*Glossy surface

*Custom size available

*Perfect for black and white photographs

FineArt Hahnemühle Photo Rag

The 100% cotton surface of the paper creates an extra matte and, above all, soft character. The result is exceptionally sharp and details are reproduced incredibly precisely.

The print creates impressive depths and an incredible liveliness. The fine structure of the surface as well as the feel of this unique 308 g/m² paper is particularly suitable for art reproductions and black and white photographs.

An overview of Photo Rag

*308 g/m²

*Soft surface structure with 100% cotton

*Astounding clarity

*Intense picture depth 

*Available 10 x 13 cm up to 70 x 105 cm

The Hahnemühle FineArt Pearl

The surface has the look and feel of art paper and is therefore particularly popular with art oriented photographers. A special coating provides for the typical pearl effect.

The extraordinary contrasts and depths achieve an enormous colour dynamic.

Specialised journals refer to this FineArt paper as an "exceptional publication of photographic papers". Above all, the silky finish gives this surface a very classy impression.

An overview of Fine Art Pearl:

*285 g/m2 100% Cellulose, bright white

*Classy pearlescent surface

*Silky Finish

*Impressive contrasts and depths

*Available 10 x 13 cm up to 70 x 105 cm

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