November 2018 - ThinkPhoto launch Photography Logo Service

2nd September 2018 - ThinkPhoto Creates 500th Signature Logo

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12th August 2018 - ThinkPhoto Launch Intro Video Service

Photographers & Business owners - Enhance your Brand with a Professional Logo Intro Video: Video marketing provides business' with an attractive, versatile, and extremely shareable medium to reach their audiences. In fact, online video is a 60% more effective marketing tool than print and direct mail combined. Choose yours today and receive 25% off.

5th July 2018 - ThinkPhoto Creates 250th Signature Logo

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29th May 2018 - ThinkPhoto Acquire .co Domain

The .co domain is recognised internationally and will help ThinkPhoto Image Media in marketing the signature logo service to both the USA and Australia whilst also strengthening our overall domain asset

25th April 2018 - ThinkPhoto launch "Signature Logo" service

Digitally sign your Photography or art-work with beautiful, elegant and discreet watermarking that your images deserve.

A signature logo will define and reflect your brand. We will create a stylish, classy and eye catching signature logo for your Photography.

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9tth April 2018 - ThinkPhoto Tops 2,200 FB Likes

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20th December 2017 - ThinkPhoto launches FB Promo Video

1st December 2017 - ThinkPhoto Transfers To Portfolio Site Model

After consistent Photographer feedback on site improvements we took the decision to transfer the existing model of a location gallery based website, over to a Portfolio based site.

This made sense in a number of ways and gives the Photographer much more value for money when partnering with us to sell images.

The portfolio page is built by ThinkPhoto and offers website and social media links, a profile image, a BIO description, up to 10 collections with unlimited uploads and a fully integrated shopping cart.

Photographers can share their unique URL and images can still be found via the site wide search facility.

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15th November 2017 - ThinkPhoto ACCEPTS 50th TPIC

Just 6 weeks after launch ThinkPhoto Image Media Ltd has accepted its 50th TPIC (ThinkPhoto Image Contributor) - unfortunately over 60 applications have been declined as we strive to keep the images top-end and of the highest quality. That said we are delighted to have reached the 50 mark and we will now push on to the 100 target by New Year.


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ThinkPhoto Facebook page has topped the 1,000 page likes mark.


Scotland Galleries have launched ahead of Schedule with Bryan Hynd joining up as the first official Scottish TPIC 


England Galleries now launched and accepting images. 

ThinkPhoto has officially launched all the England Galleries ahead of schedule in Phase 2 of our launch. Phase 3&4 will see the launch of Scotland & Ireland to complete our UK galleries.

1st OCTOBER 2017 is officially launched with Phase 1.

Phase 1 is the launch of the International Galleries and the Wales Galleries.

All PUK links for Wales Galleries & International are live and functioning.

ThinkPhoto has launched with a Facebook advert and also a launch announcement via Twitter.

Our Facebook Followers currently sit at 795 on launch.

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12th AUGUST 2017

Today ThinkPhoto was formed as an official Limited company under the name:

"ThinkPhoto Image Media Limited"

Registered office as:






Company No: 10913802

JULY 2017

After months of sketching out a business plan and ideas Image Stock Agency is born.

At this time we are in the website design stage and setting up hundreds of galleries which will accommodate quality images from across the UK.

These images will be supplied on a global basis to commercial and media outlets as well as having options to purchase as wall art products.

Our vision is simple; "To provide & build stock of quality and relevent local imagery across the UK for a varied client base - achieved through a community of talented &  engaged contributors"

We will also be managing a directory including Drone companies.

The target date for launch is April 2018

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