Once approved as a ThinkPhoto Image Contributor you will be issued your unique order number.

Your Order Number must be used at the end of every image file name that you upload as this is how we identify you when your images sell or we have queries etc.


Prior to uploading your images you must rename the image file in the following way. The beginning of your image file name should be the name, location and then ending with your name and order number set out as in the examples below.

Fistral Beach_Cornwall_John Smith_4356.jpg

Wales Millennium Centre_Cardiff_John Smith_4356.jpg

Saving your images this way will ensure that the main keywords are extracted from the file and the search facility will include your images. You can include as many keywords as you like in your image file as long as you end it with your account number but we suggest saving as above with the accurate location etc. 

However you wish to do it, just make sure the filename has your order  number in it so we can link it to you.

Please do not add any image borders or watermark your images.


You can follow the instructions below but simply just upload your images as Hi-Resolution images. We do not display the Hi-Res images, the Hi-Res images are used to fulfil client orders only.


Process your files in your photo-editing program (e.g., Photoshop, Bridge, PS Elements, Apple Aperture, Adobe Lightroom) and save them as JPEG files. We can only make prints and products from JPEG files.

Also make sure that you're processing in sRGB colorspace. If you work in a different colour space, that's okay, but when you save the file as a JPG, you must convert it to sRGB for upload to SmugMug.

Do not resize or otherwise crop your images on your computer. Keep the files in their native size and resolution.

Compression: Use Photoshop 10, or Lightroom 90. Both are high enough quality for our labs and will yield excellent files for printing. If you happen to be uploading a large amount of files (say, from an event) and you want to batch compress them all for faster uploading, Photoshop 8 or Lightroom 80 will do just fine. 

We've partnered with four fantastic labs to deliver the highest-quality prints possible. Our non-commerce plans all print photos through either EZ Prints or Loxley, based on the buyer's location. Buyers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa will be directed to Loxley, all other locations to EZ Prints.

Loxley Colour has been serving the UK and Europe for more than 50 years, proving that their dedication to professional photographers is the real deal. Our customers will find all the traditional glossy, lustre, and metallic prints in the sizes they already know and love. Loxley Colour offers a selection of unique print products, such as Glacier Blocks and Acrylic windows, that showcase your images like never before.

Once your Portfolio page is built by us and your collections created you will be sent your collections PUK link (Photographer Upload Key). Once your images are prepared with the correct file names and sizes just simply click on the PUK LINK and upload your images. It's as easy as that!!!

Once uploaded they will be protected by our ThinkPhoto.co.uk watermark and other protection features including an image licence.

Then they will instantly be available for purchase.

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