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Whether you are a Wedding & Portrait Photographer, Freelance Sports Photographer, Event Photographer, Landscape Photographer or even just a hobbyist you can benefit from having a "Customised Camera Strap"

We can brand both the left and right side of your camera strap with your business name,, website, email address, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook link.

Due to popular demand the order fulfilment is taking up to 2 weeks.

The cost of a "My Custom Camera Strap" is just £39.95 including delivery to any UK address.

Just scroll down for examples and complete the order form near the bottom of this page.

Why advertise your camera brand when you can advertise your own brand!


The SLR My Custom Camera Strap is a wide, comfortable and high quality black strap.

The strap measures 85cm in length (not including the adjustable ends) and 5cm in width.

The width of 5cm means that your logo / text really stands out showcasing your brand to all around you.


* Obviously the shorter the name the bigger we can get the font

* We only do plain, simple fonts as the whole point of a custom strap is so that is stands out and people are able to read it very quickly

* We only do the social media logos you see below or just simple text, if you want your own custom logo then you will have to provide a vector file with the cutline already in place. Alternatively you can supply a Hi-Res PNG file of your logo and we will do the art work prep for you at an additional cost of £3.00 per strap.

Example Straps

Facebook Link

Instagram Link

Twitter Link



Wedding Couple


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