Thank you for your clicking through to find out more about ThinkPhoto.

You are here because your Photography has either been recognised online or in the media, or you have been recommended to us.

As a Professional or talented enthusiast Photographer, we have room in our online galleries across every area of the U.K and international for quality creative images. is a very in-demand web address as it ranks highly in SEO terms.

We have owned url since 2012 and have been planning this stock agency for the last few months.

Our company vision is:

"To provide and build stock of quality & relevant local imagery across the U.K & International for a varied client base - achieved through a community of talented and engaged contributors."

Simply, we are showcasing and promoting the work of some of the countries best image makers resulting in both private and commercial sales.

We have teamed up with the Award Winning Loxley Colour who will handle and dispatch all printing and wall art products. From a 10x8 fine art print to a large commercial order for exclusive wall art.

Recognised for consistent high quality of work by renowned industry figures such as The Societies’, the Master Photographers Association (MPA) and the British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP), Loxley Colour is the only choice for quality award winning products and prints.

Putting Your Images In The Hands Of A Global Market Place

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We are in touch with commercial and media outlets across the UK such as the Tourist Board, Tourism websites, local county websites, news agencies, Hotels and general commercial business' who could benefit from the local images that are taken by Photographers.

This Website has been established to build a network of both Professional and talented Enthusiast Photographers who will upload quality images to relevant galleries from all areas of the U.K and beyond..

Within all areas the galleries will consist of:

LANDSCAPE (both landscape and seascape)

LANDMARK & CITYSCAPE (castles and general area landmarks)

LOCAL EDITORIAL NEWS & EVENTS (breaking stories or general local news & events)

WILDLIFE (local wildlife from country parks etc)

AERIAL / DRONE (aerial images or drone images - CAA Approved only)

PHOTO ART (for artistic, digitally enhanced or composite images)

How Does It Work?

Firstly you click on the link at the bottom of this page to register as a ThinkPhoto Image Contributor Or TPIC as we know it.

Once accepted you will be issued with a unique TPIC ACCOUNT NUMBER. This account number will be used on all your images so we can identify the image sale or query.

The website, is clean and clutter free. The website has a focus on images which helps the customer focus on what they want. Despite being asked we are going to keep the website advert free and still pay the photographer 90% of the image fee. In order to do all of this and process admin for your details we are asking for an annual fee of £10 (less than 0.20p per week)

As an accepted image contributor you can upload as many images as you want.

We want serious photographers who will be engaged with our brand and keen to sell and showcase their best work. We want to support Photographers who want to use this site as a secondary vehicle to their own website and take advantaged of our valuable domain name in this crowded marketplace.

This admin charge is equivalent of just under 20p per week and this means we can look after the Photography community by not charging high commissions on the image sale. In-fact, all we charge on each image sale is a just 10% of the Image fee. This annual £10 fee will be invoiced to you once accepted as an Image Contributor and you can pay by Pay-Pal or credit card.

Once you have your TPIP Account Number you can start uploading images to the relevant galleries and start earning money.

All galleries will display a unique Photographer Upload Key (PUK) at the top of each gallery. You simply click on this PUK and it will take you to the secure PUK page.

Just locate your link and start uploading images to that gallery ready for immediate sale or download by commercial outlets.

We will also issue you PNG badges for your Website or social media to let people know that your images are featured and for sale on - people can search for all your images by entering your unique account number into the search box.


What About Image Copyright?

All photographers will retain 100% image copyright on their images. The only time this will change is if ThinkPhoto apply for sport or event accreditation on your behalf, or if ThinkPhoto pay you to attend a sporting event or local event. In this instance all images associated with that event will be owned by ThinkPhoto Image Media ltd with the photographer receiving credit and commissions on all future sales.

All images will be covered by our LICENCE AGREEMENT As a Photographer you should be concerned about copyright infringement and unauthorised printing, but we have preventive options to help!

A good print requires high resolution, and we choose not to display your high-resolution original images. We only display web optimised image sizes. When our clients order prints, the high-resolution original is still sent to the printer.

We also enable Right-Click Protection - It still allows the user to right-click, save as... (after they see a copyright notice dialog), but the image that gets saved is blank.

We also use a watermark. We place a custom watermark on the display copies of images. Watermarks will not appear on prints ordered.

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How Much Do I Earn If My Images Sell?

The table below indicates the standard pricing of images across the site.

If you are happy with this pricing structure then great, you do not need to do anything.

However, all Photographers are welcome to nominate their own pricing structure across the six main groups within their own gallery.

For example, if you specialise in Photographing the London Skyline we can include your own FEATURED GALLERY in the London Galleries with a pricing structure that you decide.

Maybe you just have a varied selection of images and would like them in your own Featured Gallery but included in our site wide search facility. Either way a Featured Gallery is a great option.

Net earnings will be paid by BACS or Pay-Pal for image sales: Payments will be made within 28 days.


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*Please note that images will be priced higher on the website as they obviously include Loxley Colour product cost such as a canvas or acrylic etc.

We Want You To Be Part Of ThinkPhoto With Your Stunning Images - Please Click Below:

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