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When I was younger I would visit the travel agents and grab an arm full of glossy brochure's, not to look at holidays but to take home and cut out all the wonderful pictures and make scrap books. My dad had an interest in Kodak cameras and used to process his own photos.

My partner gave me his old iPhone six years ago and I was like WOW. To hell with ringing people, look what I can do with this!! Hook, line and sync, I signed up to do my Level 2 in Image Capture at night school, then Level 3. Photography is my way of seeing the world, images are everywhere, anything and everyone can look great.

My camera goes everywhere with me and I get totally carried away with it, I also have a deep passion for enhancing my photos sometimes to make different images in the form of abstract. I have photographed several weddings which I love doing, also children's photoshoots, public events and business showcasing, which I love.

Feel free to contact me, find me on facebook or visit my website at www.tdpphotography.co.uk

Thank you for taking the time to read this. tina x


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