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Mom Mak was my name before my adoption with the court order to change it. This name is associated with memories of good, sad and bad times. However, regardless the war between its danger and fear given out across the country in Cambodia and through my own sad personal journey, most of the times, somehow, i managed to detach myself from all this scary and destructive life that human has caused upon each other.

And within this chaotic and uncertainty of life, i was blessed enoug to be able to live happily and fearlessly among Mother Earth. Nature healed me and connected me with my inner wilderness with a free spirited mind without care in the world through my childhood! Then, all this has been forgotten through time when i moved out of Cambodia!

Now, as a grown up person and living in busy, pushy and competitive society, reconnecting with nature is very healing and soothing! It restores our body, mind and spirit to their wholeness and their balance! So while being in nature or before/after a meditation, I was compelled to take pictures to capture love from Heaven and the healing essence from higher dimensional beings created themselves in the photography through natural light/shadow patterns and other natural occurrences to transmit powerful healing energies to our planet and humanity and in raising the unity of consciousness for the highest good of all.

My intention is to be of service to Mother Earth and to all inhabitants to help elevating higher vibrational energy in the frequency of love and through positive changes with the help of divine expressions and creations of this healing photography vessel to reach out where healing is meant to go in perfect divine timing with the law of grace. Relax and Connect your mind to your heart and soul to help you forget for a moment your busy life in finding peace and heal yourself from within. Like so, opening yourself up and connecting you to all possibilities and assisting you to see everything in different perceptions through the eyes of love. Draw your attentions to appreciate the splendour of Mother Earth, the universe and the grace of all life have to offer to us, through the lens of love, by meditating in quietude with the chosen pictures!

Allowing your body to breathe in-out the breath of life throughout in every cells and to regenerate the power of its own healing! This will avoid dis-eases to stem within your body and mind! As you are now relaxed and focused with the connection to your heart and soul, you should be able to see, feel or have an inner knowing through all your senses, the magic of light with dimensional beings and beauty of all thing, truly as they are, everywhere because you are no longer see through your physical eyes. No religion is needed to benefit from any Healing!

Just open your heart to receive and accept fully the magical healing energy! It is powerful but yet so gentle and loving! Everything is made up of energy! So what you focus on it is where the energy goes, flows and empowers it! Miracles do happen! What meant to be will be! Healing pictures are available to purchase by order, some are in limited editions and can be withdrawn without notice as energy evolved all the time.

All pictures are kept to a minimum editing to avoid altering their high energy. Only the exposure and the colours may have been adjusted. They love healing your living/work space too and make a great art wall! Meditation and healing (art) are only a complementary medicine. They are not to be replaced your doctors diagnostics, prescriptions and medications or any of other treatments you are undertaken. Results cannot be guaranteed as its effect depend on each individual or animal! Advices, suggestions, informations of all contents in this website are for guideline purposes and for entertainment only. It is up to you what you use them for, but be responsible of your own actions! Love within the Light sanctuary or myself will not take any responsibilities of the misuse of the contents, by you, in the intentions of harming yourself or someone else and taking their free will away from them or forcing your own views onto others!

We all have a freedom of speech and actions of free will, so please, be mindful to the wellbeing of everyone! Be mindful of the law of attraction too, as to "what goes around comes around", it`s how Karma works! So, please, reflect on your thoughts or actions, first, before launching them out! Brightest divine blessings and love in abundance to you all beautiful souls!


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