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On The Wing UAV Ltd operates 2 under 7kg Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) for the purpose of acquiring aerial photographs and video.

Operations include aerial photography, inspections & surveying of buildings, vessels & structures, 3D mapping & modelling. We also have a 40ft telescopic pole with a remote camera for restricted areas where it is not possible to use the UAV. We are based on the South Coast near Blandford in Dorset.

Commercial Flight Operations are carried out under the permissions for commercial operation granted by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), PfCO permission No:- 2297. On The Wing UAV´s Insurance is in accordance with CAP 722 Unmanned Aircraft Operations in UK Airspace Section 2.4.1 We are fully insured up to £5 million liability. Cover is provided by specialist provider Coverdrone.

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