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I am a landscape photographer based in Devon, in southwest England. I became interested in photography in the late nineties when I borrowed my wife’s camera and a roll of that thing they call film.

From that there was no going back. In the early 2000s I moved to the beautiful southwest of England, with its remote moors and rugged coastline. I soon settled on landscapes as my genre of choice, especially as I love the outdoors.

There’s something pretty special about being in the middle of nowhere, even if the light is rubbish. Especially a middle of nowhere with only the sounds of wildlife and running water for company. I strive for the best quality work that I can – in particular I want natural looking results.

Yes, it’s tempting to push the saturation, clarity, and sharpness that little bit extra, but I aim to keep them in check and go for realistic photos that hopefully achieve a feeling of wanting to visit the location where it was taken.


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