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I am a photographer from the UK that enjoys shooting a wide range of subjects and styles. I love to travel and create beautiful images wherever I go.

Photography for me is purely about capturing moments, so I wouldn't say I favour or specialise in any type of photography in particular. In saying this, I did spend a lot of time working as a professional underwater photographer in Thailand and Western Australia, which was of course an incredible experience.

I have been fortunate enough to see and photograph some of the world's most amazing marine life, so have built my portfolio around my favourite underwater images.

I am currently living in London on a break from travel and diving. I love to go out and shoot as often as I can in this amazingly photogenic city, keeping my skills sharp and learning new ones in the process!

My girlfriend and I recently started a blogging project focused around travel, photography and diving.

We aim to focus on eco and marine tourism, with tip, advice and details of our experiences. Check out the links!




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