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Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about joining ThinkPhoto.

I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself and give a very brief overview of why I started this online Photo Agency.

My name is Scott Warne. I am a Professional Photographer and Director of ThinkPhoto Image Media Ltd.

As we know there are lots of online stock agencies wanting your images, some claim copyright to your images and some pay you a small commission on sales.

I could not find a stock agency that cared about the Photographer as much as the client who purchased the image!! I couldn't find an agency that didn't have lots of average images where my good images would be lost.

As a Professional Photographer myself and someone who has invested a lot of money in equipment and time in learning I think you should be rewarded fairly for selling YOUR  images.

At ThinkPhoto we want to support the Photography and Drone Image Industry.

We have several different services available that enable Photographers to get their images featured and available for both private and commercial sales.

All contributing Photographers will retain 100% copyright to their images and we have licences in place to protect your image rights.

We will have a pricing structure across the website and Image Contributors will retain  a 80% fee with ThinkPhoto charging just a 20% processing fee on any image sale.

We will have options to include a personal gallery on the website of just your images with your own unique pricing and links back to your website and social media.

For example if you shoot the London skyline and have an Image bank of quality images then we can include a personal gallery within the London landscape galleries just of your images.

Your customers will also be able to locate just your images by typing in your name in our search facility so if you currently don't have options to sell your images on your own website then this could be an alternative or secondary option for you.

You could use the links on your social media page and start selling your work confident in the knowledge that Loxley Colour will produce stunning products.

We want serious photographers who will be engaged with our brand and keen to sell and showcase their best work.

We want Photographers who want to use this site as a secondary vehicle to their own website and take advantage of our valuable domain name in this crowded marketplace.

The website is bright, clean, ad free and easy to navigate and each gallery will have an upload link for you to upload images once your approved as a contributor.


Thank you for your interest and hopefully you can join us in creating an Image bank of quality local imagery that can be enjoyed and purchased both privately and commercially.

See above for the various options of support we offer across the website.

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