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Award Winning Creative Wedding & Lifestyle Imagery - South Wales & UK

Hi, welcome to -Scott Warne is a South Wales Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer;

"I have a Passion for shooting high-end luxury contemporary fine art Wedding & Lifestyle Portrait Photography, styled in a blend of creative cinematic fused with a modern day look"

Recently published in Britain's Best Selling Photography Magazine "Digital Camera" - one of the new-breed Photographers shying away from the dated traditional and Shooting Creative and Documentary style images in a relaxed unobtrusive manner. Capturing the love, atmosphere and emotion of your day as it unfolds from preparations to first dance.

My Portrait photography is a collaborative process, shaped by your ideas and our creativity. We want to know what kind of portrait you've always wanted and we'll work to make it a reality for you.

From timeless classic outdoor portraits capturing moments that shape our lives to modern and unique "Athlete Portraits" that make some amazing and stunning wall art for your home.

"Express The Dress" shoots are now more popular than ever and I can create an amazing fine art portrait of you in your wedding dress that will become an heirloom for your family, and a piece of wall art for your home.

Registered with the Society Of Wedding & Portrait Photographers (SWPP) with 13 Highly Commended Awards to date and 2 published Gold Awards.

My landscape images of the Vale Of Glamorgan are limited editions and can be purchased in a variety of products. The images have also been used commercially and I continue to add new ones on a regular basis. Just like my Facebook page to be alerted to any new images or offers.

For all Wedding or event queries or any queries in general please use the contact form in the menu or email me direct at

As Published In Image Maker Magazine & The UKs #1 Selling Photography Magazine - Digital Camera

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